Lloyd Architects

Feasibility Analyzing how a project can best perform economically and physically

Due Diligence Discovering opportunities and pitfalls before a project begins

Strategic Planning Laying the groundwork and reviewing the alternatives for a project to fit with the project vision (the big picture) in a collaborative manner

Permitting Assisting owners and working with Town and building official boards and reviews for favorable permit results

Code Analysis Reviewing applicable codes at the beginning of a project, with attention to special uses, egress issues, and unique materials

Programming Identifying and tabulating staffing, space requirements, and space relationships

Interiors Setting the right look on the inside for commercial success

Design Realizing the built space to achieve economic goals, ensure the space has the right appearance and layout to support its intended uses, and align with the goals of the stakeholders

Architectural Construction Drawings Creating biddable and constructible documents

Bidding of Documents Providing accurate construction pricing

Construction Administration Administering the construction contract and the construction process in the field to ensure a quality outcome